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Journal Articles

Kennedy, L. C.; Costantini, V. P.; Kimberly, A. H.; Loeb, S. K.; Jennings, W. C.; Lowry, S.; Mattioli, M. C.; Vinjé, J.; Boehm, A. B. (2023) Persistence of Human Norovirus (GII) in Surface Water: Decay Rate Constants and Inactivation Mechanisms. Environmental Science and Technology, 57 (9), 3671-3679.

Loeb, S. K.; Jennings, W. C.; Wigginton, K. R.; Boehm, A.B. (2021) Sunlight Inactivation of Human Norovirus and Bacteriophage MS2 using a Genome-Wide PCR-Based Approach and Enzyme Pre-Treatment. Environmental Science and Technology, 55 (13), 8783–8792.

Loeb, S. K.; Wei, H.; Kim, J. H. (2021) Measuring Temperature Heterogeneities during Solar-Photothermal Heating using Quantum Dot Nanothermometry. Analyst, 146, 2048-2056.

Graham, K. E.*; Loeb, S. K.;* Wolfe, K.; Catoe, D.; Sinnot-Armstrong, N.; Kim, S.; Yamahara, K. M.; Sassoubre, L. M.; Mendoza Grijalva, L. M.; Roldan-Hernandez, L.; Lagenfeld, K.; Wigginton, K. R.; Boehm, A. B. (2021) SARS-CoV-2 RNA in Wastewater Settled Solids Is Associated with COVID-19 Cases in a Large Urban Sewershed. Environmental Science & Technology, 55 (1), 488-498. *equal author contribution

Wei, H.; Loeb, S. K.; Halas, N. J.; Kim, J. H. (2020) Plasmon-Enabled Degradation of Organic Micropollutants in Water by Visible-Light Illumination of Janus Gold Nanorods. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (27), 15473-15481.

Loeb, S. K.; Kim, J.; Jiang, C.; Early, S. L.; Wei, H.; Li, Q.; Kim, J. H. (2019) Nanoparticle Enhanced Interfacial Solar Photothermal Water Disinfection Demonstrated in 3-D Printed Flow-Through Reactors. Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (13), 7621-7631.

Chu, C. H.; Ryberg, E. C.; Loeb, S. K.; Suh, M. J.; Kim, J. H. (2019) Water Disinfection in Rural Areas Demands Unconventional Solar Technologies. Accounts of Chemical Research, 52 (5), 1187-1195.

Loeb, S. K.; Alvarez, P. J. J.; Brame, J. A.; Cates, E. L.; Choi, W.; Crittenden, J.; Dionysiou, D. D.; Li, Q.; Li-Puma, G.; Quan, X.; Sedlak, D. L.; Waite, T. D.; Westerhoff, P.; Kim, J. H. (2018) The Technology Horizon for Photocatalytic Water Treatment: A Sunrise or Sunset? Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (6), 2937-2947. ES&T Winner Top Feature Article

Loeb, S. K.; Li, C. H.; Kim, J. H. (2018) Solar Photothermal Disinfection using Broadband-Light Absorbing Gold Nanoparticles and Carbon Black. Environmental Science & Technology, 52 (1), 205-213.

Chen, J.; Loeb, S. K..; Kim, J. H. (2017) LED Revolution: Fundamentals and Prospects for UV Disinfection Applications. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 3 (2), 188-202.

Loeb, S. K.; Hofmann, R.; Kim, J. H. (2016) Beyond the Pipeline: Assessing the Efficiency Limits of Advanced Technologies for Solar Water Disinfection. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 3(3): 73–80.

Loeb, S. K.; Andrews, S.A.; Hofmann, R. (2015) The Effect of Immobilized Catalyst Structure on the Degradation of Chemical and Biological Contaminants in Simulated Solar Photocatalytic Water Purification. Journal of Water Supply: Research & Technology – AQUA, 8: 883-891.

Mercer, D.J.; Yacoub, J.; Zhu. K.; Loeb, S. K.; Loeb, S. J. (2012) [2]Pseudorotaxanes, [2]Rotaxanes and Metal-Organic Rotaxane Frameworks containing Tetra-Substituted Dibenzo[24]crown-8 Wheels. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 10: 6094-6104.

Research Protocols

Loeb, S. K.; Graham, K.; Catoe, D.; Wolfe, M.; Boehm, A.; Wigginton, K. (2020) One-Step RT-ddPCR for Detection of SARS-CoV-2, Bovine Coronavirus, and PMMoV RNA in RNA Derived from Wastewater or Primary Settled Solids. 11.

Loeb, S. K.; Graham, K.; Wolfe, M.; Wigginton, K.; Boehm, A. (2020) Extraction of RNA from Wastewater Primary Solids Using a Direct Extraction Method for Downstream SARS-CoV-2 RNA Quantification. 11.

Graham, K.; Loeb, S. K.; Wolfe, M.; Boehm, A.; Wigginton, K. (2020) Concentration of viruses from wastewater influent using organic flocculation (PEG). 7.

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