CIVE430 Water Treatment and Pollution Control

Principles of water and sewage treatment. Water and sewage characteristics; design of conventional unit operations and processes; laboratory analysis of potable and wastewaters. Offered annually in the Fall semester.

CIVE660 Chemical and Physical Treatment of Waters

Theory and design of specific processes used for the physical and/or chemical purification of waters and wastewaters, including mixing, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration, disinfection, adsorption, membrane processes, and selected advanced treatment processes. Offered annually in the Winter semester.

CIVE546 Solar Driven Environmental Processes & Technology

An overview of natural and engineered processes that are driven by solar energy. Solar driven environmental transformation and decay processes, including chemical and biological case studies. Solar energy harnessing materials and their applications in sustainable green energy generation and environmental remediation including solar cells, photocatalysts, and solar water treatment. Offered as a special topics course in Winter 2024.